I am one hundred percent certain that none of my Tiny House dreams would have even existed if it wasn't for the inspiring stories and ideas depicted by other bloggers and Tiny House enthusiasts.

Andrew and Gabriella (hOMe plans) - Tinyhousebuild.com

This was the Tiny House design that spoke to me most. I bought and downloaded their SketchUp file and materials lists and both have been AMAZINGLY helpful! I decided against purchasing the paper/.pdf blueprints since I’d be making so many alterations (the biggest of which is the length of the entire house itself). Andrew and Gabriella’s site is so unbelievably thorough. It includes a free tiny house eCourse, posts on things like costs to build, and tiny house design strategies.

Derin Williams - Shelterwise.com

Derin and his crew’s stylish and clean designs work amazingly well in the Tiny House and ADU markets. Shelter Wise is made up of a team of “unique building professionals with a passion for offering creative, high quality, energy-efficient and captivating dwelling spaces under eight hundred square feet.” Designed by Shelter Wise, the Miter Box is the epitome of chic, minimalist style. I especially love the combination of warm wood, stainless steel, and white walls, creating an industrial yet welcoming feel in such a small space.

Tiny Tack House - Chrisandmalissa.com

I first saw their house on Pinterest (pics of the Tiny Tack House are major inspiration on my tiny house board), and later at the PAD Tiny House Workshop where they were answering questions about their designing/building process. They’re both super friendly and love helping others with their Tiny Houses, so it was really awesome meeting them. Malissa is a 3D Graphic Designer and put together some really great images for the blueprints of their house, which they have for sale on their site. Chris is an AMAZING photographer and has captured many Tiny Houses in intricate detail. His work is very diverse and beautiful, but the photos of his and Malissa’s home are my favorites!

Dee Williams - Padtinyhouses.com

Attending the Portland Alternative Dwelling Tiny House Basics Workshop in May of 2014 was the catalyst to finally getting started on my build. Dee Williams, tiny house pioneer and author of The Big Tiny, is also an engaging teacher. It was an amazing experience and the class is great about focusing specifically on the things you can’t learn online, like tricks to measuring how high your loft space should be, as well as the nitty gritty on composting toilets.

“Our Tiny House Basics Workshop is comprehensive but entry-level, introducing you to the unique design and building principles that apply to a tiny home. This workshop includes a tour of a tiny house and pocket community, and classroom-style learning, including: case studies of tiny houses and pocket neighborhoods; cultivating home and community; navigating codes, insurance, and regulations; tiny house building necessities like securing your house to the trailer, controlling moisture, and designing for ventilation, heating, and cooling; tiny house systems, including electrical, gas, and water.”

Mariah Coz - Cometcamper.com

In an effort to initiate the downsizing process before moving into my Tiny House, I took Mariah’s Tiny Transition + Downsizing E-Course. It was a nine-week online course that took me step by step through the hefty process of getting rid of all my crap that I either don’t use, or don’t like. She sent out a weekly “homework” assignment that my classmates and I were to complete at our leisure. The associated Google+ group was a great motivator as well. I highly recommend this course. It was about $100 at the time I took it.

“Maybe you need that little nudge, that determined motivation, to get you started. Or maybe you just need some help figuring out ‘where the hell do I start?’ I know it can seem like a daunting task to downsize your belongings, bills, and lifestyle. My helpful, fun, and challenging step by step tasks will get you on the path to smart-sizing, simplified freedom in no time.”

Macy Miller - Minimotives.com

Macy has been an incredibly invaluable resource and her blog is amazing! Her product reviews are well organized and thought out. She is super transparent as a blogger and builder, so her posts are always thorough and fun to read. She also has the longest list of other tiny house blogs/resources that I have ever come across (I STILL haven't gotten through all of them!). But if you don't want to scroll through 300+ posts, she has also put together an eBook containing her experiences with detailed photos and descriptions of her build that is for sale on her blog (trust me, it's worth the $10!). Macy is also an admin for the best Tiny House group on Facebook: Tiny House People. 

"My name is Macy, I started building my 196 square foot tiny home Dec 2011, in the process I met a boy, James. 18 months after starting my house we moved in and started our family which includes our daughter, Hazel and our Great Dane, Denver. This is where I talk about my experience with all of that :)."

Michelle Boyle - mytinyemptynest.blogspot.com

I met Michelle through a Tiny House Facebook group and she's proven to be an invaluable resource. Not only has she invited me to countless building parties and Tiny House events, she's donated various building supplies to my house as well! She has been super helpful throughout my building process, both with construction knowledge as well as zoning/local government information. I would be remiss not to mention her in my references!

"My interest in all-things-tiny-and-old started at 12 years old when I became fascinated with a tiny abandoned farm house near my parent’s home...and I've been sketching floor plans ever since. My Tiny House, aptly named 'My Empty Nest', is the culmination of a life spent dreaming of a tiny reclaimed space, all my own."