Loft Joists


I've decided I'm a terrible blogger. 

I don't have the patience to create engaging posts. Between my full-time job, amazing relationship, staying connected with my family and friends, and actually building my tiny house, finding the time and ambition to sit and write paragraphs is not entirely a priority in my life, I've discovered. This project has helped me learn so many new things about myself. It's great.

Therefore, to spare my sanity (and you all some abhorrent writing), from here on out I'll be sticking to photos and short, descriptive captions. 

Thank you.

Now on to the (three months overdue) updates! :)


After raising the walls, we installed the floor joists for both lofts. In an effort to keep a 24" on-center spacing between the joists, we divided the length I wanted the loft (about 9 feet) by 24" to figure out how many joists we'd need (5). To figure out how high to put the joists, we used a super technical and scientific method: I stood beneath one of the beams while my parents held it above my head, raising and lowering it until I was satisfied. I concluded that 6 inches above my head was a good height for the bottom of the joists in the kitchen. 

Lots of heavy contemplation needed for these bad boys.

And this is why we don't leave Bren in charge of photography for too long.....I hope she sees this...

And here's another photo of "my build" I recruited Brenna to take. But can we all just appreciate my cute pup for a sec?

 Cutting the loft joists to size with Dad

Cutting the loft joists to size with Dad

All the joists are up! We placed some left over pieces of plywood on top to use as a temporary loft floor.

Smaller loft above the bathroom - We raised these joists a little higher than the other loft to give some extra headroom below for shampooing and hair-doing.

View of the main loft from the second loft - Stairs up to the main loft will be above the wheel well on the right, as represented by the scrap 2x4's. 

Next up: roof joists!