I'm on a mission to live minimally and leave a small footprint, without having to ditch my love for Glamour. 

I am a tiny house fanatic and amateur Builder with an appreciation for classy + Feminine Design. 

I believe that you don’t need to give up
good design for a smaller footprint.

WHy Are you Building a Tiny House? 

I wanted to create this site to provide other interested Tiny Housers (or potential Tiny Housers) with my experience designing and building a Tiny House from the ground (or trailer) up, describing my trials and tribulations, as well as providing detailed information about the building and designing processes. I've toured countless blogs for ideas. Really, I owe my prolonged interest in building my own Tiny House to those Tiny House bloggers who have paved the way for me, recounting their struggles and achievements, providing the tools necessary to figure out designs and techniques that will work best for me and my lifestyle. I hope to do the same for future Tiny House builders with this site.

Where did "Tiny Buffalo House" Come From? 

In the summer of 2014, my parents, sister, and I went in on an investment property together in Portland, OR. The house is located on Buffalo Street, and from the time we first toured it with our Realtor, it has been referred to as The Buffalo House. Once completed, my Tiny House will be moved to the backyard of that property, hence the name Tiny Buffalo House.

Have you built anything before? 

Since I was a kid I always wanted to build my own place that had everything I needed in it, nothing more, and nothing less. My own personal “fort”. I actually started saving money for it when I was around 12 years old (although I soon realized it would take me a VERY long time to save enough money, and my interest and willingness to commit to saving soon diminished, as interest and willingness to do tough things for extended periods of time tend to do when you’re a kid). But even then I was drawing floor plans, parts of which I've actually incorporated into my current Tiny House design. My building experience is limited to helping my dad with various projects, most recently including the construction of a small shed in the backyard. I've never taken on anything as large as this project, but I'm having fun and learning a ton already!


I believe that you don’t need to give up good design for a smaller footprint. Things can have their own place and still be visually appealing. The quote by William Morris, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” is something I am taking very seriously with this project. The second half of this quote I think tends to fall by the wayside sometimes. Functionality does not need to replace style. And I hope to prove that in my Tiny House.