Roofing - Part 2

I'm going to go ahead and glaze over the fact that I haven't posted anything in months and just jump right in to this post. :)

We completely finished the roof!

The trim is on and it's all water tight. It was a HUGE relief to have this completed, especially since The Rains came soon after we finished. 

It took some guesswork and emails to the manufacturing company to figure out what bits of trim went where. The high end of the house was the trickiest. The piece of trim that was meant for that side just seemed all wrong to us. Below is a picture I drew of it that I sent to the manufacturer to confirm that this is how it was supposed to go on the house (clearly I'm not much of an artist).

The blue arrow is the piece that is flush with the tops of the standing seams of the roofing panels. The pink arrow shows an air gap. The dotted lines on the far left ridge would be how the trim lays after notches are cut for the standing seams to fit into.

Here's how it looked before the notches were cut for the standing seams. It just looked so high off of the roofing panels, even with (imaginary) notches cut, that we ended up cutting off that first vertical ridge so that it would sit lower on the roof and get rid of that huge air gap (see pink arrow in drawing above).

So here's the trim with that extra lip of metal cut off and the notches being cut for the standing seams of the panels.

To prevent water from getting up under the trim, we installed a make-shift barrier. (Really, it's just expandable weather strip/sealer.)

Close-up of one of the notches we cut.

Once the trim was on and in place, we drilled small holes through the trim into both layers of the standing seams, then installed the screws, securing it all together.